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International Clinics

When requested, Chris Sorensen travels for select clinics and consultations. Boasting a lifetime of knowledge and substantial international clout, Chris has spearheaded everything from basic clinics for beginner riders to high performance clinics for trainers, and has conducted master demonstrations in all the hunter, jumper and equitation classes. With a passion for helping the next generation of top equestrians reach the world stage, Chris became one of the first High Performance 1 level certified coaches in 2016 in his home nation of Canada.

Combined with years of training in Europe, Chris also possesses a deep understanding of the North american model that facilitates a rider's progression and guides instructors in how to train across the three disciplines. Together with other leading coaches, he is part of a new movement to bring a scientific approach to the equestrian industry on par with other professional sports. Chris works to integrate systematic approaches from sports psychology, video analysis, physical health and aims to install a style of education that speaks with the rider rather than at them. 


Coaching coaches is a challenge - one I quite enjoy actually - because 'horse people' are typically very set in their ways and our sport has been behind other sports in evolving. Bringing a sports psychology approach, periodization, a real structure and timing to training and competition, is something new to our industry, as well as the physical training of riders and the evolution of how we keep these horses sound, so it’s been a really fun challenge to share that knowledge around the world and get the buy-in that’s necessary for our sport to evolve.



I just completed my first clinic with Chris Sorensen, and I'm in disbelief with the amount of progress we were able to achieve in such a short time. His direction was always constructive and extremely positive, which put all of our nerves at ease. Chris' systematic approach and tools like the "reset" are fantastic concepts that help minimize the variables from your ride. His instruction has truly taken my riding to the next level!


I attended this fabulous clinic with Chris Sorensen at the Royal Winter Fair last Thursday. Thank you for a great day. I hope you do it again next year! It was so educational. I've now completed all my requirements for renewal of my Equestrian Canada Competition Coach. Here's to another great five years!


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