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A high performance equestrian sports team specializing in international competition, sales and coaching. From our new European base in The Netherlands, Sorensen Stables works within our proven training system to develop the greatest potential in both horse and rider. We are passionate not only about competing at top level show jumping but also striving to be innovative in furthering the growth of the sport through new projects, technologies and events. 

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Chris Sorensen, owner and head trainer of Sorensen Stables, is an expert in selling elite equines and mentoring students to move up the ranks and onto the international scene. Since his Canadian Young Riders team took home the gold medal in 2013, Chris has continued to win numerous championships in top tiered jumping competitions worldwide. His innovations in new formats for performance horse auctions - live and online - and his busy tour schedule of  international clinics have put Chris at the forefront of the sport's evolution and revival.




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Whitney Sorensen is the woman behind the scenes of Sorensen Stables' logistics, whether that be on the road or at the barn. An international competitor in her own right, Whitney has helped build the company from its beginnings in her native USA, through its many successful years in Canada to its recent move across the pond. If you are looking for Whitney, she is either scouting, training or competing top horses around the world, or working tirelessly with the team in the Netherlands stables from dawn till dusk. 

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Will Sorensen got on board just in time to co-create The Hunt with his brother, Chris, in 2017. Having managed operations for the UFC in Canada, Brazil and Australia, his expertise in live productions and the marketing of major sporting events helped launch one of the most unique live occurences the equine industry has seen to date. Remaining on board as the creative advisor for the Stables' many projects, Will's diverse roles in cultural production provide insight for keeping equine media fresh and relevant.

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Originally from New Zealand, Megan manages all of Sorensen Stables' barn operations. Her expertise working with top performance horses worldwide has made her an invaluable asset when training the new "super-groomers" at the Stables. With an unparalleled work ethic and dedication to the top horse care available, a buyer can be confident that a horse leaving our stables has received the highest quality attention, knowing Megan is at the helm of our extended network of vets, farriers and groomers. 


The Move to
The Netherlands 

Sorensen Stables moved to the Netherlands from North America in 2016 and has since become uniquely positioned at the intersection between the broad network of breeders in Europe and the rich diversity of professional and Junior/Amateur riders in North America. With the majority of high performance equine talents sourced from Europe, Sorensen Stables is perfectly situated to access and hone some of the best hunter, jumper and equitation horses in the world, with a track record of repeated success with their horses at the World Equestrian Games, USHJA Hunter Derby Championship and other high-profile competitions where they continue to earn top results.


At the Center of our Sport

"Here in Europe, the volume and quality of horses, and the development path in terms of cost and accessibility, is at a much greater scale than in North America. In order to have access to those horses for our customers, to be able to see them long-term be much more confident in those horses and get the top level horses for our own competition, it was necessary to relocate to the centre of our sport."

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