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Chris Sorensen Leads Successful Week of High-Performance Clinics

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Ontario, Canada – Nov. 16, 2018 – The namesake of Sorensen Stables, international competitor Chris Sorensen took his knowledge on the road in early November as he campaigned as a clinician at three high-profile events in Canada. Sorensen headed a professional development clinic and show jumping demonstration while at the famous The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario, and subsequently led two days of advanced riding instruction at Benchmark Equestrian in Nobleton, Ontario.

Sorensen leading the NCCP Analyze Performance – Jumping and Equitation Clinic at The Royal Winter Fair.

“Chris really took the time to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a rider, customizing his training techniques to maximize the experience of my horse and I. His ability to instantly instill confidence in both horse and rider, focusing on the center of balance and rhythm, was uniquely enlightening and profoundly informative. I very much enjoyed the clinic and look forward to participation in future opportunities!” reflected Sidney Jefferson, a participant in Sorensen’s clinic at Benchmark Equestrian.

Kicking off the four days of clinics, Sorensen joined Danielle Yaghdjian on November 8 for the NCCP Analyze Performance – Jumping and Equitation Clinic, hosted by Equestrian Canada. As a Canadian Equestrian Team member and EC NCCP High Performance 1 Jumping Coach, Sorensen helped participants hone their skills at analyzing performance, while also familiarizing coaches and coach candidates with the Long-Term Equestrian Development plan. The clinic combined classroom theory with course walks, practical analysis and review in the Coca-Cola Coliseum during a mixture of Junior Jumper and U-25 Jumper classes, and the CET Medal Finals. The following day, Sorensen conducted a jumper demonstration, organized by Ontario Equestrian, at The Royal Winter Fair.

“I was so pleased to be able to share some of my knowledge and experience with riders and trainers in my home nation of Canada at three separate clinics, and I hope that my instruction will help each individual advance within our sport,” commented Sorensen. “I was lucky enough to have some great mentors when I was a junior as well as a professional, and I’m happy to pay it forward to another group of equestrians.”

On November 10 and 11, Sorensen captained a clinic at Joanna Solomon’s Benchmark Equestrian, which is gaining a reputation as one of the largest learning and high-performance centers in Ontario. Sixteen horse-and-rider pairs participated in the clinic, with each making considerable progress over the course of only two days.

Sorensen and a group of riders during the clinic at Benchmark Equestrian.

Sorensen is the owner and head trainer at Sorensen Stables, a Canadian enterprise now based out of Maastricht, The Netherlands. In addition to offering clinician services, Sorensen actively competes, as well as trains students and is an expert source at finding and training European sport horses for the North American market.

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