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February Pinch Punch Equine Collection Released Today

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Maastricht, NED - Feb. 1, 2019 - After four successful showings of Pinch Punch: First of the Month, Sorensen Stables has released another superb collection of curated horses for the month of February. On the first day of each month, is updated to feature a new group of equines that have been scrupulously selected, vetted and trained by the expert team at Sorensen Stables. A true curated marketplace for the competitive equestrian, Pinch Punch allows buyers direct access to the European source of top sport horses. 

Only subscribers can access information about each of the talented horses, so make sure to sign up free of cost to receive monthly updates and access to the exciting and talented collections unveiled each month.

In February, HENDERSON is one of the horses available. A 7-year-old gelding, Henderson has the potential for all levels of hunter competition. He has the mind for an amateur or junior rider, but the talented jump to win in the professional divisions. He also possesses the scope, bravery and athletics to be a top derby horse.

In addition to having been researched, trained and vetted, the horses spotlighted on Pinch Punch are hand-picked for their overall excellence in conformation, movement, jumping technique and temperament. Buyers can expect a horse that is show ring ready instead of a prospect, meaning that extensive selection procedures and training practices are put into each horse, taking the guesswork out of your European horse search.

Sorensen Stables is dedicated to bringing you the very best each and every month. Horse purchasing should not have to be difficult, and Pinch Punch: First of the Month is ready to provide you with the solution.

For more information or to view the catalog of horses, please visit

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