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Sorensen Stables Unveils Pinch Punch: First of the Month Curated Equine Sales

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Maastricht, NED – Sept. 27, 2018 – Sorensen Stables is proud to introduce its newest equestrian sales concept, Pinch Punch: First of the Month. Presented by the team that brought you THE HUNT European Hunter Auction, Pinch Punch is a new and unique way to purchase hunter, jumper and equitation horses on a curated platform, allowing buyers direct access to the European source of top sport horses in addition to minimizing risk thanks to a proven system of selection and transition. Expanding upon this mission, established during their inaugural auction, the management group at Sorensen Stables has enhanced the annual event into a monthly online catalog that allows horse owner hopefuls to participate in the European horse buying experience from all corners of the globe, every month.

“THE HUNT was such an incredible success last year, and I am especially proud to see that the horses sold during our debut event have already earned numerous championships in show rings across North America. While the festivities in the Netherlands were obviously a great deal of fun and added another level of excitement to the auction, the premise of selling competition-ready European sport horses to North American buyers is applicable every day of the year,” remarked Chris Sorensen, founder of THE HUNT and the namesake for Sorensen Stables. “Instead of bringing you an annual night of high-performance horses this year, we listened to customer feedback and consider year-long demand, which led us to opting to supply a collection every month. With that in mind, we have crafted Pinch Punch, a new way to source carefully selected equine athletes.”

Pinch Punch launches October 1 with the initial group of horses, so ensure you are on the list to access the complete information about each of the high-quality prospects by subscribing, as the unparalleled group of horses will be available exclusively to Pinch Punch followers. On the first day of every month, the website will be updated with a new selection of horses, and you’ll have to act fast, as these top-of-the-line equines are guaranteed to be snatched up quickly! Eager new owners should expect to log on to Pinch Punch as soon as the new collection is available, as they may be gone within mere hours or days. Should you happen to miss out on your favorite pick, all you have to do is check back on the first of the next month to fall in love all over again with an equally-impressive equine.

Each and every horse that is featured on Pinch Punch has been diligently researched, trained and vetted, as well as hand-picked for their overall excellence in conformation, movement, jumping technique and temperament, earning them the elite status of Sorensen-approved. The team at Sorensen Stables is committed to providing buyers with a horse that is ready to enter the show ring instead of a prospect, meaning that extensive selection procedures and training practices are put into each horse, taking the guesswork out of your European horse search.

For more information or to view the first catalog of horses on October 1, please visit

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